This is me, playing around with technologies ever since it started. From assembling an Apple II and learning to code it in the 80ties to becoming a multimedia artist and VR pioneer in the 90ties. I worked the internets but failed to become a billionaire in the noughties. Today I enjoy living, at least partially, the original star trek utopian vision and looking forward to even more parts of it to fulfill. Flat screens and mobiles are not the most important ones, but our way towards post-capitalist society might become interesting.

Programming for decades might also make me a software guy. With 10+ years of C++, Java, Ruby, PHP or Javascript I consider myself qualified to have a strong opinion on software topics and, more importantly, the people and methods defining it. I generally prefer to focus on the bigger picture where the system architecture is what makes or brakes a solution and not the performance of the programming language. Like in the old saying: “You can write bad FORTRAN in any language”.

Last century, it was the distributed supercomputers I liked, now it is the internet with its web-scale architectures and the multi-billion size communities where it all happens, which we all love and loathe.

contact me here dirk@sebrink.de, or there LinkedIn

(updated, due to recent events:)