amazing amazon next stop: databases

December 15, 2007

amazon goes full circle with their webservices. After filesystem storage(S3) and raw computing power(EC2) with SimpleDB Amazons AWS now delivers the last missing piece for any web app you may want to build.

Again like the other AWS before SimpleDB is build on a simple concept and implements the pay as you go payment model. With no upfront money you get access to their clustered, monitored HA database system.

Lots of people where already anticipating this because a database solution were so obiously missing. What is more surprising, is that SimpleDB seems to be build on Erlang. I don't know whether or not this will re-fuel the Erlang hype which kind of dwindled a bit since the pragmatics released joe armstrongs Erlang book earlier this year(note to self: should have posted my bookreview months ago).

Erlang, a kind of ugly/ancient language but full of beautiful concepts for scalable, reliable, distributed applications and this might get me moving again.

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