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bookmarking deluxe with AddThis!

June 14, 2007

What techcrunch is doing can't be wrong, not totally wrong at least i hope. So lets see, AddThis! seems to finally solve the bookmarking issue once and for all by just taking it out of your hands completly and leaving the freedom of choice in the hand of the readers. It took me less than 2 minutes to click through their "Get your free widget" site and i had my personal bookmark button(test page).

And than, you get statistics pages for free, (techcrunchs, not mine though, sigh):
...and as you can see from the charts, AddThis does RSS Feeds too.

Is this all? Nope, there is more, of course a AddThis! Wordpress Plugin is available as well. But you go figure that out for yourself, i guess.

have(a lot of) fun

ps.: and(thx to wp plugin) try the bookmark button under this article ;-)

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