daily desasters: blackberry

June 29, 2007

I bought a D-Link DWL-2100AP access point yesterday. Only to find out, after setup!, that it is was broken. It could be configured but returned to factory defaults all by himself after every two minutes. Not useful.

Blackberry ExceptionToday my beloved modile mail device came up with a new suprise. "...message queue overflow", pardon? What is it this thing was designed for? god gracious, it's Java, how hard can it be to simply check for such things?

Basically approx. 15 times per week i got kicked off the connected world by the blackberry messing up and reporting a SIM card error. Of course silently. It goes like, you are slowly calming down for just not beeing phoned or mail-molested for the last 2 hours only to find out later that actually hell broke loose and it was only that just nobody could reach you because of your blackberry got gobbled up by SIM card errors.

Notice: All this troubles are strictly mine. These gadgets are functioning perferctly once they are out of my reach, nothing can be blamed on them or their makers.

p.s.: switch-off / switch-on brings blackberry back to normal. 37 seconds only, and free of charge, it even helps you train your pin code memory

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