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Get yourself organized with GTD, from the shell

July 4, 2007

Get yourself organized with GTD, from the shell

promoting GTD might be surprising from me because it’s kind of contradicting myself. I have great doubts in any tool claiming to solve the problem for you, but this time it might be different. Peter Copper drove my attention to EarGTD of Gregory Brown.

EarGTD is a console application for David Allen’s GTD method. It is a good example for a Ruby outside of Rails application which still uses the ORM powers of ActiveRecord.

The commandline is where i spend lots my productive time and having a framework for database driven applications could be boost. Actually i already made myself a google console app(g-module alpha gem), example:

$ google :count earGTD
158 results for ["eargtd"]
$ google :lucky earGTD 

gives you google result on the commandline.

Adding ActiveResource/database access to my console apps is a big help for me. “In the Beginning was the Command Line” and i start seeing a pattern here that i like.

Extending GTD

I will now go using EarGTD to find out how it works for me but there are 3 things would like to add i find time to do so:

1. keeping removed tasks in the database and add a done flag to them. This could make gtd a good tools for automated reports.

2. make a distributed group version where a bunch of people works on the same dataset. This coule make it a good sync tool for a group of coders.

3. to project and context add a person attribute, but that is actually only a sub-feature of the previous point.

4. must have: twitter connection!

install notes

Me beeing to lazy to gem’ify it just added:

require "fileutils"
$:.unshift "."

to the earGTP script itself and made an

alias gtd=~/EarGTD/earGTD

so i now can call it form anywhere. e nu?

gtd + "write better posts [blog] <writing>"


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