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internet exploder keeps a whopping 10% market share

January 13, 2008

Actually it surprises me that the internet exploder users still make up a 10% percent share on my blog. My personal experience tends to be different. More often than not it looks a little like seen below.

(image source)

Anyhow, the 10% internet explorer usage fits nicely with another or my stats from Google Analytics:

The ‘Connection Speed’ distribution numbers for modem users are actually an exact match to the Internet Exploder numbers. Hmm, coincidence?

Maybe, but just in any case, let me give a warm hello to the seemingly web-savvy internet wizzards still surfing the net on their modem lines with Internet exploder and Windows. God luck, but rest assured you  won’t find ‘optimized for IE’ stuff here.

have fun

p.s.: yes, I spoiled actual visitor numbers. You just don’t know the timeslot.

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