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"It's all changing so fast today!?" Bullshit!

June 27, 2007

a1.jpgoh boy, i can hardly tell how much am i annoyed by this unknowing, uninspired, boring minds which walk around me sometimes and are thrillingly giving me their first hand reports of the insights they think they gather at the fast and vivid edge of the dazzling world of the internet and its hyperspeeded and -connected  communities. no links here! you know, twitter and friends.

and now, to the left(or above), you see, "The Answer Machine", published in 1964(my birthyear by the while), on paper i guess. What is it? It is describing Google(link! try it!)


it took a fu....g 40+ years to build it. that was fast man, yep, see me gasping. and now? what's next? The original star trek aired in 1966, which means there are a couple of things to come yet.

please read "Google as predicted in 1964" for the full story where Web Owls combined the sources to match google with its vision.

and then, please, go back keep going to build the stuff which is already there according to some.

oh, and one more thing. What a relief to work with whom im working with and that i could put an end to consulting with the clients which where so..., hmm, to harsh a word to say here, but you know.

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