I'm so sick and tired of all this sexistische-kackscheisse!

August 11, 2017

Sure, I wanted a provocative headline, but I’m so sick and tired of all this (uncle bob, uber, google gender stereotypes, etc.) sexistische-kackscheisse as we say in german. I just hired another female engineer. We already have two female engineers on our team, and guess what? They are great, they are helping us further to where all this male looser engineers are not able to.

If our computer culture were dominated by women we would have had better computers!

And you know what, it was a mind opening experience for me the first time I ever worked with a female boss! I won’t definitely go into this gender debate here, discussing sterotypes and such, but rest assured, the best team is a diverse team. Working in a monoculture is bringing you down, more sooner than later.

Maybe you’re lucky, and your one-dimensional human resources set-up helps you to gain on some efficiencies. Good for lucky you, but this is no proof and definitely not a model for sustainable development.

To go for maximising just one axis of characters traits in your company is a slash and burn stragegy, good to kill the Amazon Rain forest but not what I want in my company.

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