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May the revolution begin: Joost Mac OSX beta released

February 17, 2007

When i blogged last year about Joost the iptv project formerly know as "The Venice Project", Falko rightfully commented the contradiction of a revolution not beeing started from a Mac.

So, here they are: Joost Mac OSX Beta released. After a 30MBytes download you drop it on your disk and start right away. It just plain f...ing works, "...behaving very much like a Mac application" like they promise with the release notes.

You get full screen video with ok quality, transparent control overlays and widgets. It is beta  a and you can see. The font rendering is not perfect and the app crashed on exit, but that is not something holding you back from using it and is honestly mentioned in the release notes. The content seems to be limited though and the widgets just cover the bare basics: video rating, chat, IM(jabber/gmail) and a clock(sounds like hours of fun). They must open up on the widgets(are they already? Don't know) and improve contentwise, but that seems feasible to me.

A cute little detail in the end. When switching off you got to see the video collapsing and see a dimishing white little spot like from the cathode ray tubes. Only a little gfx coder gimmick or might it be a little wink toward collapsing Tubes?

Before you ask, while Joost seems to be open now, the Mac OSX still needs your beta registration, and i don't have invitation codes left.

have fun 

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