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Next big language predicted(kind of)

February 11, 2007

In his blog Steve Yegg rants abouts the next big language and has some nice things to say about ruby as well. He equals refusing to use Ruby with "refusing to use an electric car because there's no place to put the gasoline".

... it lacks automated refactoring tools. Ruby doesn't actually need them in the way Java does...

...But programmers are a stubborn bunch, and to win them over you have to give them what they think they want.

and right he is i think. Steve does not spoill his inside knowledge about what the next big language will be, but his commenters are concluding pretty much on it to be ECMA script. Well, may be it so, that will not be for some time.

Meanwhile from the sneaking ruby through the system department we got more and more reports from the field like the one from my colleague. In a nice guerilla tactics approach they contaminated the working place with making ruby an integral part of the ant based build system. And this in an all java only development group. congrats comrades.

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