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nuke the planet!

November 27, 2007

reminds me to the old alt.destroy-the-earth newsgroup. Now the folks at Los Alamos finally worked out a concept to bring light to darkness without the hassle of an ICBM. Their convenient portable nuclear reactor is the size of a hot tub. You just bury it underground (see picture corners) and voila! clean green energy for 25,000 Homes.

An annual production of 4,000 unit will be up by late 2012. Great! Oh, just in case you’re worried about security, listen to Deborah Blackwell, spokeswomen of Hyperion: 

“Like you don’t open a double-A battery, you just plug [the reactor] in … You don’t ever open it or mess with it.

Right, just don’t mess with it! Deborah, ever watched a malicious 7 year old while not opening a double-A battery just to find out what’s in there?

But i guess they will solve that easily by only allowing people with an nuclear reactor license to install the hot tub in their homes. As that already works so well to keep hand guns in the rightful hands. The hands of the god loving people, in the land of the brave and the free.</p>

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