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On top of (second) life

February 10, 2007

In a kind of talking-to-myself action i dated my companies avatar in the romantic scenery setting of a sundown on Ideas Island(not yet open to the public). Its him(AyDee Kubrick) sitting on top me. My face is streamed live from my macbook, it is not a still image. It still surprises me actually when these things do work like advertised. This is all about testing the live streaming setup which we want to apply on the island. And i can tell you, there are lurking surprises all the way. With the real stream setup(streaming me is not the plan:-) i have a mysterious lag  between voice and image for example. It is not about lip sync, it is something like 1-2 minutes! I have no idea yet where the image stream gets delayed for such long. A couple of seconds i could understand, but a whole minute? The other still unsolved mystery to me is how to setup the darwin streaming server for serving incoming RTSP request on port 80. The manuals say where and how to enable it, but the server fails to comply to my commands. A nice little catch22 you get: The  server fails serving port 80 without root permissions but when you give it root permission it fails to run at all due to missing configurations. Googl'ing this you get tons of stupid forum post about rebooting your mac to make it work and similar smart proposals. We got it working now with IP tables.

Now that our island emerged from the deep waters of californian virtuallity we are just a couple of days away from opening our space there. I hope for  a  lekker housewarming party next week. creating tomorrow and stay tuned! 

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