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Please give a warm welcome to hostnamr!

December 15, 2006

Hi, we, new product development @ idmedia, just released i-dmedia's first public facing ruby on rails webapplication: hostnamr

Please give it a warm welcome to hostnamr :: making names to remember!

It is a tongue-in-cheek kind of page which implements a somewhat old and simple concept. The basic idea came up more than 10 years ago between me and a friend of mine, steffen meschat at art+com (now with google, blog?). When you have a set of syllables with vocals you can just combine them in any order and will always get speakable words. This works for italian operas and hiragana for example, so why not for generating hostnames? And when the cool dude downstairs from the office was joking about web2.0 hostnaming a while ago i remembered that old idea and decided to put it up for a test. Following a new the trend i spotted, we made it a "one page web application" and put it live. Now it is our start into the new venture of webapplications build on rubyonrails! when you like it, stay tuned for future updates.

have fun

ps.: We are hiring! looking for rubyonrails developers which want to make a difference. In case of interest, drop me a note: dluesebrink at idmedia com.
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