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Stupid devices: The Blackberry

January 20, 2007

Oh yeah, i also became one of those blackberry users. It is a really good on-the-go traveling email device. When last year i was wasting days and days on airports while traveling back and forth to lots of meetings the blackberry gave me back some productivity. Because of the blackberry i could spend the precious time at my desk with getting real things done instead of wading through dozens of mails.

But, the blackberry is a phone, and an organizer, and therefore contains all kinds of smartphone application. And there is an alarm-clock wake-up application you might think. No, it is not. It is an annoyance. First, the meeting calendar can't be used for wake up because it only pops up a little reminder windows and makes a mellow 'ping'. Not for me to wake up from. And then there is the Alarm clock. Easily to define your wake up time with the thumbweel and you set you daily alarm. Yep, thats right, a daily alarm, every day. There is no option of only setting up a single alarm for the next morning but only a daily alarm for all days to come. This works perfect for getting you out of the bed the next day. I am kind of sleepy then and normally don't like to bother to unconfigure the alarm clock.  And  usually i forget that also for the rest of the day. And this it what kicks me out of bed the day after. The forgotten alarm clock remembers its daily duties and kicks in on 6:45 saturday morning. I don't like having electronics next to my bed and so i can't even switch it off from there. stupid device, great email road warrior though.

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