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August 31, 2007

this is not a blog post! it's been ages since i've blogged. at least it feels like. and more things happend, then i can possible blog about. i crashed my disk, i switched my laptop(two events, not one), and i went on holidays, twice.

of course there's always lots of planning of things to come on my side, but just to not loose those things in rain, i try chris' tumblelog format and just dump my unsorted eclectic mix of random samplings onto you, hopefully for your viewing pleasure. be my guest, have fun.

got asked by my CEO about our .NET experience but didn’t dare to send her this.

Flickr opens up to even more flashy crossdomain scripting with new crossdomain.xml file (http://static.flickr.com/crossdomain.xml)

Erlang-Facebook bridge code is now open for use, sounds like a bizarre marriage though.

Go off limits in Second Life, camera-wise at least. Use Opt-Ctrl-D(or Ctrl-Alt-D on PC) to show/enable the client menu entry and than Disable Camera Constraints(Cmd-Opt-C)

da is was dran: You don’t need a plan, you need skills and a problem. 1. Don’t start out with big plans. 2. Work on skills. 3. Apply your skills to a problem. Most plans are rubbish. Business plans are fake.

What a weird programming can that be that allows you to say things like: COSA is inherently non-algorithmic?

The video dress he developed for Hussein Chalayan was made of a few thousands chips all powered with a battery whose life lasted 2 minutes, like, where to go when you have no limits.

”I’m more interested in simply having a better eavesdropping experience on Twitter”. YEAH! proposing a twitter ad-hoc grouping schema.

After years of waiting the Havoc Physics Engine upgrade for Seconde Life is in reach. Good news, but having Mono replacing the LSL script execution? dubious.

Generate Quantum random a bits to produce random numbers at a rate of 36 million per second. For those who needs it.

Implement binary search in erlang and learn that doing the right thing in the wrong language turns out to be totally inefficient.

2008 SXSW Interactive Panel Picker, so at least i can browse the panel proposal of the SXSW festival. I would love to go there.

Susan Wu got it all right on social media and twitter where: We’re now ..moving into a client agnostic(Flash, Ajax, Facebook-centric, or MySpace-centric) era, where clients … are marketing channels… ..creating standards around specific user behaviors .. is the key asset ..A client should be an interpretation of a user group’s needs within a specific context(by ‘context’, I mean the 14-18 year old females on Facebook have a different community ethos than the 14-18 year old females on MySpace…).

In July, Scientific American crowned Mattel’s BarbieGirls.com the “fastest-growing virtual world ever”. Are we living in a barbie world?

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