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Welcome to The Venice Project

December 19, 2006

i got my the-venice-project beta test player download credentials on saturday. That is two days ago and i didn't even found time to check it out. When i can believe what the papers say, i'm part of a 6000 people strong elite! Yeah! I feel so special now. Just in case you don't now, The Venice Project

combines the best things about television with the social power of the internet

and is the next project of the guys which brought to us KaZaa and Skype before. So it might be worth checking out. And i really would like to do so, but it is windows only, argh. so i have to wait for being in the office on tuesday. today on monday, what an irony, i had no chance, because i spend the day in zagreb to visit the strategic IPTV project of two major german companies in the croation market. What can i say about the trip? Nothing i've seen will be part of the future of television/iptiv, that is for sure. Nothing worth talking about, only a nice picture i made, which i post tomorrow when i found the cam cable.

And The Venice Project? "So please don't give the application to anybody else..", ok, not quite unusual, but "..., or even show it to them"???

What the hell they are thinking? Do they expect me to become part of their secret armee just by signing up for a beta? And "We hope you enjoy helping us create the future of TV", yeah, sure you do.

"It's very early days for us, and we want to make sure that the right people see the right software, at the right time"

I can't decide. Do they want to make fun of me? Is this honest marketing? Do they now want me to keep the player secret or just want to force the opposite? I will check the player on tuesday and let you know, and who knows? Maybe i even post my very personalized beta venice player beta test account here. And that would be my very first cliffhanger now.


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