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Your Joost invites are about to expire, Huh?

March 18, 2007

the joost folks start spamming to rush us its beta testers into sending invitations.

So hurry - time's running out :)

To use your tokens, go to https://www.joost.com/betatest/invitations.html before March 22 and fill in the form. We'll send out your invitation straight away.

ok, they asked for it and who am i to obey? To speed up and simplify things a bit i send an invitation to myself and give it to you. Here you get the beefy part of their invitation reply, go use it in what ever way you're please to do:

To get started, please visit https://www.joost.com/betatest/ and login with your invitation beta access details:

Username: first-come-first-serve-to-sofasportlers@sebrink.de (Case sensitive!)
Password: 96ffdayj (Case sensitive!)

After you've logged in, visit https://www.joost.com/betatest/settings/ to choose your own password.

first come first serve, but i suggest the first one to choose a password just uses jyadff69 than all the followers can use the same account. you decide.

the mac client is actually quite nice and according to their own rumours a massive openening up and lots of invitation ar just around the corner.

have fun

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